Corel Computer

The Corel Computer Server’s WebFront puts a friendly (inter)face on network administration and the desktop experience of workgroup members. The “point-and-click” simplicity of WebFront’s browser-based GUI belies the powerful functionality it puts at network managers’ and users’ fingertips, providing access to a broad range of services including HTML page authoring, e-mail, public and private threaded discussion, document indexing and searching, and document management.

The Corel Computer Server provides workgroups and small businesses with a range of Internet/intranet services in an easy-to-use, high-performance Linux/StrongARM® RISC-powered package. An easy setup wizard and web-based administration tools make installation and administration a snap. Offering great performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional servers, check out our press release or product specifications to see how the Corel Computer Server can benefit your enterprise.

The NetWinder is named hardware product of the year by the JusThemes. Corel Computer cashed in at the Las Vegas awards ceremony for Linux Journal’s “1998 Editor’s Choice.” Click here to read the press release.